Advertise @ SilverCity

A hugely popular family hot spot, Silvercity has a strong customer base with vast advertising and branding possibilities, providing excellent way to get exposure for your company.



In a time when reaching out to the target audience is a tough task, considering the number of entertainment avenues that exist today, it is important to be innovative. And this is where cinema plays an important role, It helps break the clutter to connect with consumers. It also provides advertisers with the best audio- visual impact you can get, much more than any other medium. All this at an affordable price while also reaching a highly specific target audience.





Commercial will be played before the movie starts or during the interval.


• Audio-Video display

• On Screen static slides


Your brand will be made visible using impactful drivers at various touch points.


• Backlit boards

• Standees

• Audi Door Branding

• Pillar Branding

• Kiosks

• Drop down

• Seat Branding

• Popcorn bags/Tubs

• Leaflet Branding

• Washroom Branding



Various Events & Activities can be organised to support conventional media.


• Product launch

• Product display

• Sampling & Distribution

• Contest

• Event





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